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Solid Gold

Solid Gold

14k solid gold and diamonds baby! Classic jewelry at its finest, for those looking for a real investment into somthing special.

Ruby Point Studs


Seeing Eye Ring

From $82.00

Amphora Pearl Ring

From $85.00

Phases Past Pendant

From $80.00

Seeing Eye Studs

From $54.00

Constellation Coin

From $380.00

Moissanite Solo Studs


Alexandrite and Pink Sapphire Studs

From $189.00

Zawadi Sapphire Studs


Zawadi Sapphire Ring


Zodiac Coin

From $210.00

Sapphire Star Ring

From $145.00

Montana Sapphire Beauty

From $415.00

Morganite Solitaire Ring

From $89.00

Ruby Clusters

From $95.00

Ruby Star Ring

From $145.00

Starburst Signet


Phases Past Stack

From $95.00

Starburst Band

From $125.00

Starburst Studs

From $152.00

Goddess of the Moon Studs


Alexandrite Kite Studs


Tourmaline Bar Studs